Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant… as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.

MATTHEW 20:26-28

My wife and I travel to my hometown every few months to visit my mom in an elderly care nursing facility for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We often comment that it is easy to distinguish between those at the facility who see their work as a job versus those who see it as a calling.

There is one woman there that we all love. Her name is Carolyn. We know that if Carolyn is on duty, our mom will be well cared for. Carolyn exemplifies one who is doing her job because she actually loves her work. Carolyn’s job involves caring for difficult patients who often have little appreciation for what she does. Her position often requires cleaning up urine and giving baths to invalid patients. When asked about her view of her job, Carolyn’s response was quite remarkable: “I enjoy it.”

Carolyn is so good at what she does that she was recognized by her organization as Caregiver of the Year. She didn’t do her job because she wanted that recognition. Instead, recognition was one fruit of living out her calling to be a caregiver.

Carolyn sharply contrasts others who work at the same facility. It is often difficult to get them to do the basic necessities of care for your loved one. Requests are met with resistance. The attitude in which they do their job is compulsory instead of a motivation to serve.

Similar attitudes occur in almost any vocational area. Whether you go into a department store, speak with a customer service agent or go to get your tires changed, it is easy to recognize those who are living out their calling versus those who are collecting a paycheck.

Which person are you in this story? Pray that you see your work as a calling and an avenue to express the life of Jesus through your work life.



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