But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”


Have you ever done a job so well that you were promoted outside your skill set? The exceptional salesman gets promoted to manager and fails as a manager. The secretary gets promoted to office manager but fails for lack of management skills. I have seen this happen a lot over the years. Understanding your anointing will enable you to know when you are moving in the opposite direction from what God intends for your life.

Just because you don’t feel equipped to accomplish the job doesn’t mean that you are headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes, God will place you in situations in which you have no natural gifting. In these cases, God puts you there to experience His power in order to accomplish your tasks. My wife, Angie, is a good example of this. Before she came to work with me full-time, she was a marketing and advertising manager for a non-profit organization. This organization hired a career consulting company to take all their employees through a series of tests to determine if each employee fit into his or her proper job function.

When the results of Angie’s test were shared with the rest of her team, her profile revealed that one of her greatest weaknesses was lack of organization and focus. Her boss took exception to the assessment and publicly acknowledged that Angie was the most detailed and organized individual on the entire team. “How could that be true?” he asked.

The consultant said, “Oh, I am glad you asked that. Angie is a perfect example of someone who has overcome her weakness, because even though she recognizes this is her natural bent, she has overcome this by learning to be focused and detailed.” In essence, she has yielded this area to the Holy Spirit, and God has worked through her weakness.

God sometimes moves us beyond our natural gifting and allows us to operate in a place where our natural gifts do not fit the job. Other times He is teaching us to acquire a new skill set for the given situation.



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