Day 2 – Teach me Your way, O LORD!

Psalm 86:11  – Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.

When we truly love someone, our ultimate goal is to learn what pleases that person. After thirty-five years of marriage I have learned what pleases and displeases my wife. Acting on that understanding has led to joined hearts and a unified marriage.

So it is with true followers of Jesus. They seek to know and live out His commandments in a daily manner so their hearts are united with Jesus and His mission.

David’s prayer is a prayer of love—a prayer that seeks to know God’s ways and live out God’s truth daily for the purpose of uniting our hearts with God’s heart.

Find time today to be dangerous by offering this prayer to God:

“Teach me Your ways, O LORD. Train me to walk on Your path of truth, so that my heart will be united with Your heart. I worship You in awe and wonder.”

Prayer Journal

What Am I Learning?


What Am I Thankful For?


What Do I Regret?


Who Do I Need to Pray for Today?


What Do I Need to Do Today?

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