Day 4 – Examine me, O LORD!

Psalm 26:2 – Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind.

Just the word examination causes us to tense up.
Any type of pop quiz or employee review can put us all on edge.

King David, who was facing a life-threatening event, affirms his trust in the Lord. He declares the integrity of his heart and passionately appeals to God to rigorously examine the truthfulness of all his statements.

David uses three words to reveal the intensity of his appeal: examine, try and test. First, he asks God to examine his intentions, much like a doctor pokes and touches one’s body to make sure it is healthy. Second, he appeals to God to smell out (try) his motives like a master chef smells food to make sure that it is fresh and not rotten. Finally, he petitions God to test his heart by putting him through the fire of the furnace, just as precious metals are fired and tested for their purity.

Find time today to be bold like King David and pray this searching prayer:

“O God, let my motives pass your smell test. Examine my life from head to toe and test the purity of my life through Your fire. Amen.”

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