You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.
JOHN 15:16
I will never forget the day in junior high school when I went to the gymnasium to view the list of those who had made the basketball team. Several of us went excitedly to see who was on the list and who was not. I made it! The feelings of exhilaration were beyond description for a 14-year- old. While I celebrated my victory, those who didn’t make it were sad and downcast.
Most of us growing up either landed on the “picked” or the “unpicked” side of life. I often hear my wife say, “I never got picked for anything. I wasn’t very good in sports or music.” (She wanted to play in the marching band but couldn’t play and walk at the same time.)
It is easy to forget, but we have all been picked by the God of the universe to be on His team. When God chose you, He knew what He was doing. God doesn’t always pick those who have the greatest skill, the greatest aptitude or even the greatest personality. However, He always has something in mind for those He picks.
There is one thing He requires of those He picks. They are to be fruit-bearers. They are not to be fruit-makers, but fruit-bearers. Our goal should be to know the One who chose us and who makes the fruit. When we really know the One who chose us, fruit will be a natural by-product.

Today, as you begin your workday, consider where you will drop some fruit. It might be praying for a coworker. It might be simply greeting someone cheerfully during lunch. It might be leading someone to the Savior today. Share your fruit freely.

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