“I am the Lord’s servant,”Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.” Then the angel left her.
LUKE 1:38
Have you ever had a boss come to you and give you an assignment that had rules you had never heard of? Not only were the rules different, but he also asked you to agree to them without knowing the outcome or impact it would have on your life. That must have been the way Mary, the mother of Jesus, felt.
Mary was handpicked to give birth to the Christ-child. Can you imagine? In order to do so, she would have to be pregnant while yet unmarried, something totally taboo in her culture. In fact, women were stoned to death if they were found to be fornicators. When Mary heard the assignment and responded by saying, “May it be,” this tells us what a courageous woman of faith she must have been.
She did not understand the implications of what she was about to do, but she placed her total trust in God and knew that if He had chosen her for such an assignment, she could trust the outcome to Him. She would even have to trust the explanation to Joseph, who was not going to understand. In fact, when Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant, he immediately considered divorce proceedings.
Because of Joseph’s immediate response, God sent an angel to explain the situation through a dream. I am sure the time between Mary telling him about her pregnancy and Joseph’s clarifying dream must have been difficult for both of them.
Mary did not know that God was going to solve the problem. This is another example of her faith and courage. I would imagine most women might have responded to the angel like this, “I won’t do it unless you tell my husband!”
Do you have an assignment from God that seems impossible on the front end? Is God calling you to trust Him for the outcome? Take a lesson from Mary and release the outcome to God.

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