The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people. And all the believers used to meet together in Solomon’s Colonnade.
ACTS 5:12
When is the last time you saw a miracle in your workplace? Perhaps you prayed for a coworker, and he or she was instantly healed. Perhaps you prayed for a coworker’s financial problem, and it was resolved. Perhaps you led a coworker to Christ. Or maybe God gave you an answer to a major problem at work that benefited your organization.
The disciples were working people. They turned the world upside down not because of their knowledge of Jesus but because of their outflow of the power of Jesus. And they did so in the public square, where all could see.
Workplace Bible and prayer groups are great, but you must transition to public action if you want to change the spiritual climate in an organization. The only risk is that God might actually show up in a powerful way.
A number of years ago, I taught a lunchtime Bible study in an insurance company for two years. God moved powerfully in the meetings. People came to Christ. Some experienced healing. Word got out and non-believers came to check out what we did.
When is the last time someone saw something happen that could not be explained other than that it was God working through you? When you begin to see this happen, you will be modeling ministry as Jesus modeled it. You will be bringing the Church to the people, not the people to church.
Pray that God makes you a vessel of His power, not simply a vessel of words.

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