The Gospels are foundational to our faith. The book of Mark was written by John Mark and is believed to actually be from Peter. Mark portrays Jesus as constantly on the move and keeps us continually looking ahead toward the cross and the resurrection.  Mark portrays Jesus as God’s Servant, always working towards the bigger purpose. The challenge is to break out of our patterns of self-absorption and give ourselves in service and love to others.

March 2019


Scripture: Mark 14:43–52

Jesus Prayed

Scripture: Mark 14:32-42

February 2019

A Struggling Faith

Scripture: Mark 14:26-31

Living in the Last Days-Living For His Return

Scripture: Mark 13:28-37

Living In The Last Days – The Second Coming of Christ

Scripture: Mark 13:21–27

Living In The Last Days-The Great Tribulation

Scripture: Mark 13:19-20

January 2019

Living in The Last Days- The Coming World Ruler

Scripture: Mark 13:14-18

Living In The Last Days – What’s Next?

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:13

Living In The Last Days – Signs of the Times

Scripture: Mark 13:1-13

December 2018

The First Communion

Scripture: Mark 14:22-25

November 2018

Passover Betrayal

Scripture: Mark 14:10-21

How Deep Is Your Love?

Scripture: Mark 14:1–9

Great In Its Meagerness

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

Who Is Jesus

Scripture: Mark 12:35-40