March 2024

Keeping the Faith: Being Built Up in the Faith

Join us for the conclusion of our journey through the book of Jude, where we delve into the profound truths and timeless wisdom contained in this powerful letter from the half-brother of Jesus. In this final sermon, we explore practical insights on extending mercy to those who doubt, boldly rescuing souls from the flames of sin, and exalting God’s sovereignty and faithfulness in a resounding doxology.

February 2024

Anchored in Hope: Finding Security in God’s Unfailing Love

In a world of constant change and uncertainty, finding firm ground for our faith is more crucial than ever. Join us as we delve into the powerful words of the Book of Jude, specifically verses 17-25, where we discover timeless truths that anchor us in the midst of life’s storms.

The Cost of Rebellion

In this powerful sermon, we delve into Jude’s exploration of rebellions against God’s authority and the consequences they entail. Drawing from biblical examples such as the flood, the rebellion of the Sons of God, and Sodom and Gomorrah, Jude reveals the pattern of judgment for those who reje

Echoes of Rebellion

Delve into the Scriptures with us as we explore the warnings of Jude, the half-brother of Jesus, who urges believers to contend earnestly for the faith amidst a world of growing apostasy. Discover how the tactics of deception employed by the serpent in Eden still ensnare hearts today, leading many astray from the truth.

Contending for Faith When the Skies Turn Dark

Jude, the brother of James and Jesus, delivers a powerful message urging believers to contend earnestly for the faith and to be vigilant against false teachings and immoral conduct. As we dissect each verse, we unravel the significance of standing firm in our faith amidst the challenges of the world.