September 2023

Transformed Lives: From Despair to Everlasting Joy

Life is difficult, but we must search for joy in all our circumstances. We must be careful not to find what we think is joy in the world around us, because it is the joy of the Lord that is our strength. And that joy is found in Jesus Christ alone.

The Glory of Zion

While the world has many amazing things, the new Zion that awaits us will surpass them all. Christ is gathering the nations in His glorious light for the eternal glory of Zion will be His people.

August 2023

Sin’s Grip and God’s Response

It is a challenge today to know who you can trust in this uncertain world. The degradation of trust is mostly caused by the increase of human depravity in our world. We are all sinners and have been sinners throughout history. There was only one person who never sinned, and He is our only hope.

Unveiling the Heart of the Sabbath: Rest, Worship, and Delight

Today’s modern society has largely forgotten the Sabbath, replacing it with busyness and productivity, often resulting in emotional exhaustion and spiritual malnourishment. The Sabbath rest is to be a time to delight in God, find peace, and cultivate meaningful relationships. And while we are no longer bound to the law, the old covenant, the heart […]

From Religiosity to Authentic Christianity

  The church is meant to be a “model home” for the Kingdom of God in the world and in the future. What kind of church best reflects God an effectively draws people to Christianity? It is not size, but faithfulness that matters. Our rituals, worship, and religious practices should flow from a transformed heart […]

The Tossing Sea: Finding True Peace In a Restless World

                    God shows His grace by delivering the righteous from the evil of this world. But there is another trend among God’s people—spiritual idolatry. The Israelites were tempted to mix their faith with pagan practices and today we have modern-day syncretism within the Church. The worship […]

July 2023

From Outsiders to Insiders

  We are all outsiders, not part of the covenantal promises of God. But we can be insiders through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The Promise of Purpose: Flourishing in God’s Perfect Plan

We all want to have a purpose in life. God has a purpose for us too. Join us as we explore God’s purpose for His Word, for us, and for all of Creation

Seek and Find

  The window of opportunity is limited. A day is coming when seeking and finding will no longer be an option.    

You’re Invited

The invitation has been sent. Those who are thirsty can come and drink from the Living Water. The price has been paid and those who listen and respond will never thirst again.

The Promise of Restoration

Join as we look at Isaiah 54 which conveys a powerful message of hope, restoration, and God’s unwavering love for Israel and the Church. We an be assured that our past afflictions will be overcome and that we will experience a glorious future under God’s care and protection.

June 2023

The Benefits of Humiliation

In our message today we encounter a profound theme that captivates the essence of sacrifice, redemption, and triumphant restoration. This powerful passage unveils the extraordinary purpose behind the suffering and affliction endured by a the prophesied Messiah we know as Jesus Christ. Through vivid imagery and poetic language, these verses portray a divine design that […]

A Divine Exchange

One of the greatest doctrines in the Bible is substitutionary atonement.

The Arm Of The Lord

Between 739 and 681 B.C., the prophet Isaiah wrote the greatest Messianic prophecy ever written. Join us as we begin to explore this amazing prophecy.