Our God Reigns

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We all like it when things are under control. When we can see where things are going and they seem to be going according to our plans. We feel comfort when we plan for something to occur and it turns out just like we planned. Many times before we enter a situation we will work it out in our heads how we think it should occur. But what usually happens? It doesn’t turn out exactly like we expected. Uncertainty brings us anxiety. We like to think that we have everything under control and fear loosing what little control we believe we have.
If we have learned anything in the last two years of the mayhem we have experienced, it is that we are not in control of our world. We attempt to base our lives on these things in the world that are not consistent. It is no wonder that after the fear of Covid, totalitarian lock downs, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates we have an epidemic of anxiety and psychological issues that will plague us for years to come.

Isaiah 14:24-32